4 Steps to boost your new year’s resolutions...

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Only 20% of New Year’s resolutions result in success. I am sharing four tips that if followed, will bring that to a 95% chance of success. 1. Read More

Is there a place in our society for sacrilegious promotion?

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I generally avoid injecting contentious opinions in my online presence however I felt I had no choice in this case. Read More

1 Mindset Guaranteed to Halt Your Leadership Growth

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Have you ever seen that one extremely successful individual? They have a role in which they cast a large shadow, and people are infatuated when that individual speaks? Read More

Scott Cook To Harvard Business School Grads: Get a Coach

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At Perspect, we use a process called Stakeholder Centred Coaching, which was formalized by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. Read More

The Trillion Dollar Executive Coach of Silicon Valley

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When talking with potential clients one of the most common responses is, "I don't think I need a coach". Perhaps you do not need a coach now ... Read More

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