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At Perspect, with 25 years of experience, we intimately understand the intricacies of leadership and organizational challenges. Our crafted service offerings cater to your unique needs, empowering personalized growth and fostering collaboration. Embrace situational leadership through our SLII coaching, amplifying your influence with an adaptable style. Experience transformative 555 Coaching Skills Training Program™ elevating your leadership impact. Trust us for seamless facilitation and expert management consulting, tailored to your success. We genuinely care and are committed to guiding you towards unparalleled achievements, whatever it takes. Explore Stakeholder-Centred Coaching and Five Dysfunctions of a Team Coaching to drive extraordinary results. Your success is our passion.
  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
  • Program & Project Management

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Experience transformational growth with our executive coaching programs. We believe that true leadership is not confined to a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we offer a diverse range of tailored coaching solutions for individuals and teams alike. Whether you’re a new leader looking to build confidence, an entrepreneur aiming to drive startup success, or a team seeking to overcome challenges and foster collaboration, we have the perfect coaching program for you. Our experienced coaches understand the complexities of leadership and are committed to supporting your journey towards becoming an influential and empowered leader. Take the first step towards greater impact and influence, explore our executive coaching opportunities now.

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Professional Facilitation Services

Unlock the potential of your team’s collaborative power through our professional facilitation services. We understand the significance of effective meetings and aim to design and deliver sessions that drive impactful outcomes. Our custom approach ensures we cater to your unique needs, seamlessly integrating with your organization’s culture, language, and frameworks. As experienced facilitators, we excel in handling high-stake, sensitive, or complex challenges that require diverse expertise and opinions. From strategic planning to team chartering and stakeholder consultations, our facilitators bring over 25 years of executive-level experience and a deep understanding of change management to ensure successful implementation. Embrace the power of facilitated sessions – explore our professional facilitation services now.

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Management Consulting

Experience the power of strategic planning, organizational design, innovation, and continuous improvement with Perspect’s management consulting services. Our seasoned consultants bring wisdom and expertise gained through extensive executive-level roles, leadership coaching, and management consulting across diverse sectors and continents. We work closely with you to identify improvement opportunities and design impactful solutions. From strategic planning to fostering innovation, our approach integrates change management for successful execution. Discover how our commitment to quality, executive oversight, and attentiveness can drive your organization’s growth and success.

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Program and Project Management

Discover the art of program management that goes beyond just managing and delivering projects. At Perspect, we offer strategic business advice, governance, and program design services that pave the way for successful initiatives. With an enterprise viewpoint, we develop sustainable programs that significantly impact your organization. Our experienced program managers are equipped to mentor your personnel through the process of adopting a structured approach, ensuring near-term success on your projects. As impartial members on Executive/Program Steering Committees, we assist in making critical program decisions. Integrating change management, we understand the importance of organizational, process, and cultural adaptations for seamless implementation. Explore our program management expertise and take your organization’s success to new heights.

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Our Team at Perspect

Trust in Unmatched Expertise

At Perspect, we don’t just offer generic business consulting services; our team is comprised of specialized executive coaches and consultants with the knowledge and skillsets to tackle unique challenges.

Specialized Excellence

With specialized education, certifications, and years of experience, our team delivers exceptional services, including executive coaching, transformational change, strategic deployment, continuous improvement, and business innovation.

Committed to Excellence

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. With over a century of combined experience, we take on engagements where we can make a real and sustainable impact on your success.

Your Success Guaranteed

In every engagement, we promise individual and corporate growth, and we stand by that commitment. We won’t invoice you until you achieve your goals. Partner with Perspect for a journey to success you can trust.

Mr. Colin McAllister – Partner Executive Coach & Management Consultant

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Mr. Frank Wagner Senior Executive Coach

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Alison Hendren Senior Coach and Coach Trainer - Coaching out the Box (TM)

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Mr. Ben Tse – Partner CTO - Innovative Subsidiares

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Mr. Scott Teece Sr. Program / Project Manager - Major Initiatives

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"Colin and his team are masters at planning and carrying out complex projects that bring together business, academic and government partners. He is not afraid to ask questions and has time to make sure everyone understands what is needed."

- Professor and Physician at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (U of T)

"I have personally worked with Colin as an Executive Coach and have realized the benefit of his process and coaching to assist me in dealing with specific predicaments that I was facing at that time."

Portfolio Manager - Scotia Wealth

"Colin has been a pleasure to collaborate with. I have benefitted both professionally and personally from his coaching. He has a wealth of knowledge and insight to share with regards to improving behaviors, priorities and outcomes."

Vice President - Sobeys


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