Whether you are a highly motivated individual or an organization with a sincere desire to confront the necessary change that lies before you now, our services are designed to support you on your growth agenda. You and / or your team, find yourself amidst complex change and are responsible for intricate decisions in your business that require high levels of skill in the art of communication, change, strategy, operations and interpersonal skills if you are to truly take your game to the next level.

Management Consulting

When your strategic and operational situation is no longer ‘business as usual’, we offer support in finding the most effective solutions. Our expertise enables you to respond to unique opportunities, or confront issues that are keeping your business from realizing its full potential, that may fall outside your team’s core set of responsibilities.

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Executive Coaching

You’re a leader that has decided to take your game to the next level. Your ‘game’ could be balancing people / technical skills, enhancing leadership presence, time management, more effective delegation, work-life balance, etc. You know this can significantly impact you and the organization’s long-term success and you personally. You have contemplated how to get there before but you’re not quite sure. You are familiar with the benefits of executive coaching and perceive yourself as “coachable” as you’re open to feedback, you demonstrate humility and courage with those around and are committed to change to achieve your purpose.

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Continuous Improvement

The development of an engaged culture of continuous improvement, which encourages people at all levels of the organization to identify, simplify and streamline the services that the customer needs, is how organizations will succeed at addressing key business challenges.

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Innovation Partner

Business leaders persistently work to balance the needs of the current business, innovating for today, with the need to generate new prospects for the future. Often these requirements are in conflict, as resources focused on today’s business do not have the time or skills to explore and develop new opportunities. When this happens, it is beneficial to have an outside partner to assist in an unbiased and objective mindset in identifying future opportunities.

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Facilitation Services

As professional facilitators, our goal is to help design and deliver the most effective meeting possible. Our facilitation services always include a custom design an approach that achieves your specific needs. We strive to not only be a valued resource in planning and delivery to supplement your team and its work but also to seamlessly integrate into your culture, to use your industry language and frameworks.

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ISO Quality Management

Today’s global benchmark for organizational continual improvement is – ISO. With over 1 million certificates of compliance issued worldwide to date against ISO Management System Standards and rapidly growing in number, an organisation carrying an ISO certification is empowered to drive organizational change and improvement within and demonstrate a progressive development culture to their marketplace. We facilitate your upgrading to these truly recognisable global standards.

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Coach Training

We teach leaders and organizations how to leverage the power of coaching then give them skills and tools to implement individually and corporately. All programs were developed by ICF Master Certified Coaches who are leaders in the field of professional coaching.

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Project Management

We provide strategic business advice, governance and program design services in early phases. We believe strongly that applying the art of project management requires experience and leadership that goes beyond the science of managing and delivering projects.

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Strategic Deployment

World-class organizations are increasingly linking their cultural development and improvement activities to their strategic visioning, planning and goal-setting processes. They are achieving this through a management process called strategic deployment.

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Leadership Deployment

World-class organizations are increasingly linking their cultural development and improvement activities to their strategic visioning, planning and goal-setting processes. They are achieving this through a management process called strategic deployment.

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Perspect Management Consulting & Executive Coaching

You may be an individual at the pinnacle of your career or a highly motivated up and comer with an impetus to take your game to the next level, either on your own accord or as result of someone identifying your potential for growth. Perhaps you are a leader in an organization that recognizes the need for a shift in the way your firm executes in the marketplace, a transformation to the current culture, or a new way of thinking about innovation. In either situation, and many others, the team at Perspect would be excited to learn more about your desire to shift from the current state and determine if we are the right partner for you as you grow your business, your team and yourself.


Perspect's affiliations help build the credibility and knowledge base of our team. Learn more about these affiliations below.

  • Certified Management Consultants (CMC-Canada)
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS)
  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Prosci

our team

You bring unique challenges to the table; opportunities that require external skillsets and you want to ensure that you are investing in expertise and not in training on the job.

We do not employ a large base of full-time employees providing generic business consulting services. Our services require significant expertise, specialized education, certifications and years of experience. We and are committed to high-quality deliverables and sustainable outcomes for clients. We focus on executive coaching, transformational change, strategic deployment, continuous improvement and business innovation.

Our team brings more than a century of experience to your engagements and we only accept opportunities we know we can have a sustainable impact on. This is how we can guarantee your individual and corporate growth in each engagement.

Mr. Colin McAllister – Partner Executive Coach & Management Consultant

“I partner with leaders to achieve sustainable and measurable growth &...Read More

Mr. Frank Wagner Senior Executive Coach

“Leadership is found at the intersection of Character and Commitment: what...Read More

Alison Hendren Senior Coach and Coach Trainer - Coaching out the Box (TM)

“I am passionate about what coaching can do and how it can affect every...Read More

Mr. Andrew Sloane Senior Consultant & Coach - ISO Quality Management

“I support organizations as they integrate and embrace ISO Quality Management...Read More

Mr. Ben Tse – Partner CTO - Innovative Subsidiares

“I thrive on bridging the gap between real customer business needs and...Read More

Mr. Scott Teece Sr. Program / Project Manager - Major Initiatives

“I provide leadership for improvement programs & projects so that...Read More

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"Colin and his team are masters at planning and carrying out complex projects that bring together business, academic and government partners. He is not afraid to ask questions and has time to make sure everyone understands what is needed."

- Professor and Physician at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (U of T)

"I have personally worked with Colin as an Executive Coach and have realized the benefit of his process and coaching to assist me in dealing with specific predicaments that I was facing at that time."

Portfolio Manager - Scotia Wealth

"Colin has been a pleasure to collaborate with. I have benefitted both professionally and personally from his coaching. He has a wealth of knowledge and insight to share with regards to improving behaviors, priorities and outcomes."

Vice President - Sobeys
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