Professional Facilitation Services

As professional facilitators, our goal is to help design and deliver the most effective meeting possible. Our facilitation services always include a custom design an approach that achieves your specific needs.

We strive to not only be a valued resource in planning and delivery to supplement your team and its work but also to seamlessly integrate into your culture, to use your industry language and frameworks.

We are available for in-person and virtual facilitation; you decide which best aligns with your current needs.

Key scenarios that benefit from a professional facilitator:

  1. You have a high stake, sensitive or complex challenge which requires collaboration amongst diverse expertise and opinion.
  2. You require an unbiased perspective with expertise in navigating mission-critical, difficult and even politically charged conversations.
  3. Having all stakeholders focused on the opportunity at hand as opposed to worrying about logistics or managing the room is imperative.

Why a Perspect Facilitator?

Facilitation services providing Experience and Consistent Results!

Each of our facilitators brings more than 25 years of experience in executive-level roles, leadership coaching and management consulting. We have worked in nearly every sector and our experience has been gained through engagements across four continents.  We have been exposed to the same problems you are facing and can bring wisdom and process to get you where you need to be.

Most importantly, we sincerely care about you, your business and the results you want. This is not a job for us, this is our calling. We love helping people.

A Proven Facilitation Process


We will connect well before the event to ensure we are in sync with your definition of success for the engagement and how you will measure this success. We will contract around these goals.

We get the planning out the way well before the event, this may mean leading your team through the required preparation work to ensure everyone enters the room with an understanding of the purpose and required outcomes.

An agenda and process will be created to support your specific needs while ensuring alignment to the larger strategy and values. We view every engagement from an enterprise viewpoint to ensure the outcomes are high impact and sustainable.


During the meeting we take the lead, we watch the clock, build and sustain momentum and focus. We balance the conversation amongst all participants and hold everyone accountable to the event charter. We will cut through the subjective opinions and personal sentiments to keep the team on point.


The essence of the entire engagement, with a focus on key decisions and actions, is captured in a format best suited to your group. Whether it is a presentation or report it will serve as the platform for final agreement and commitment, as well as serve as a reference to the process and conversations.

At Perspect our facilitators, coaches and consultants are often requested to support teams with detailed action planning. As well we serve as an ongoing “accountability partner” to ensure the critical actions are implemented to the value can be realized.

Establishing a partnership with impartial and experienced facilitators and executive coaches ensures you always have a confidential sounding board and advisor in your corner that understands you and your business.

Typical Facilitation Engagements (not inclusive)

  • Strategic planning facilitation – either a refresh or your first time out of the gate. See more here.
  • Team Chartering – align everyone on purpose, objectives, roles, and internal/external communication
  • Executive and corporate retreats/Team building – cut through assumptions, and ensure every voice is amplified in a fun and interactive setting that sparks positive dialogue and the equitable exchange of ideas and views
  • Voice of the customer – our facilitators will engage your customers to Capture value-added insight into existing or potential products and services
  • Continuous improvement – provide facilitation for value stream mapping, kaizens, Hoshins etc. – See more here.
  • Stakeholder consultations – Create awareness and enhance buying to changes They need to be made to ensure the greatest level of engagement and support

For more information on our facilitation and corporate training services please contact us. You can book a complimentary consult here, or call toll free:  1 (888) 302-7767 or 1 (306) 543-2231.


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