Create History – Be the Change

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Most of us watch history being created; very few of us to make it into the annals of time. I believe anyone can be one of those few history-makers. Read More

11 Quotes on Leadership and Coaching For 2020

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Eddie Robinson was a College Football coach who finished his career with 408 wins, 165 losses, and 15 ties. Read More

Scott Cook To Harvard Business School Grads: Get a Coach

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At Perspect, we use a process called Stakeholder Centred Coaching, which was formalized by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. Read More

The Trillion Dollar Executive Coach of Silicon Valley

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When talking with potential clients one of the most common responses is, "I don't think I need a coach". Perhaps you do not need a coach now ... Read More

1 Question Guaranteed to Make You a Better Leader

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Focus your energy on helping other people succeed. Turn the mirror towards them so they can see how great they are versus how great you are. Read More

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