Transform Your Team With Coaching Skills

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[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=" Read More

Create History – Be the Change

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Most of us watch history being created; very few of us to make it into the annals of time. I believe anyone can be one of those few history-makers. Read More

11 Quotes on Leadership and Coaching For 2020

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Eddie Robinson was a College Football coach who finished his career with 408 wins, 165 losses, and 15 ties. Read More

4 Steps to boost your new year’s resolutions success from the typical 20% to...

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Only 20% of New Year’s resolutions result in success. I am sharing four tips that if followed, will bring that to a 95% chance of success. 1. Read More

Is there a place in our society for sacrilegious promotion?

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I generally avoid injecting contentious opinions in my online presence however I felt I had no choice in this case. Read More

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