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Executive Coaching ROI – are you excited by yours?

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Harvard Business authored an article highlighting a few critical data points as it relates to leadership learning and development and associated success with these programs. We know that one of the most important factors in leadership development and executive coaching is ROI.


  • 86% of respondents said their organization has recent experience with transformation—with 54% currently undergoing a transformation
  • In 2019 alone, companies spent approximately $370 billion on leadership training
  • Most Leadership Development programs fail to deliver the results that were hoped for, despite the huge investments
  • 75 percent of all respondents said they believed greater innovation was needed in learning techniques used in development programs
  • Organizations that say leadership development is critical to their success are 29 times more likely to have a successful transformation than those where leadership is viewed as not important
Return on investment of leadership development executive coaching

Our Approach and Results

As a firm that focuses on executive leadership development, we have made significant efforts to address the above concerns surrounding executive coaching ROI. Specifically, as it relates to the delivery of measurable results for our clients. Here are a few things that we have innovated in our leadership development business model:

  • We measure outcomes both quantitively and qualitatively (as perceived by the leader’s key stakeholders, not the coach)
  • The ROI achieved by our CXX clients averages 39X the investment of the training during the year the coaching takes place
  • We have a unique compensation system. We only get compensated if our clients get better. “Better” means our clients achieve positive, measurable change in behaviour, not as perceived by themselves but by their key stakeholders. The process usually takes about 12 months and involves an average of 10 stakeholders.
  • Our proven coaching methodology helps highly driven and motivated individuals become leaders who people admire, respect, and want to follow. This allows them to truly capitalize on their natural gifts and life experience to realize a more content and meaningful life.

Let’s Talk

For more details on our approach, and to understand how you can improve the ROI on your executive coaching and leadership development efforts please book a free consult with us here.


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