COVID: Develop the Plan & Leadership Your...

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[wpseo_breadcrumb] As Government leaders develop plans to lift restrictions and restart the economy post-COVID, business leaders face the challenge of redefining their strategy and leadership style in this ‘new world. Read More

Why the heck is Behaviour Change so difficult when the process is so simple?

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Long-term sustainable behaviour change is very difficult. The good news is that we know a lot about the mechanisms underlying why sustained change is hard. Read More

Acknowledging Versus Recognizing Your People

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[wpseo_breadcrumb] Recognition: When we share a compliment or ‘recognize’ someone we are typically referring to what the person has done. Read More

Leading with Presence in Difficult Times

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[wpseo_breadcrumb] We know that current events will have long-lasting impacts and that pivoting to address these realities is not an option. Read More

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