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Strategic Deployment - Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course. – John Maxwell

10 Tips for a High Impact Strategy

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World-class organizations are increasingly linking their cultural development and improvement activities to their strategic visioning, planning and goal-setting processes. They are achieving this through a management process called strategic deployment.

Below are 10 tips to help you create a high impact strategy that can be implemented.

  1. Give yourself and your team the appropriate time for planning and organizing to create your strategy.
  2. Determine your purpose; why do you even exist, what difference are you trying to make? If you focus on this purpose, will everyone on your team go home feeling a sense of meaning and pride every day?
  3. When you achieve your purpose, where will you be (10+ years), this is the inspirational vision you are shooting for. Do this right and sustain a commitment to your cause.
  4. As you become intimate with what you will do and where you will end up, you need to honestly ask yourself the question, “how do we need to show up every day to achieve this, what are our personal rules of engagement?” These are the values that will drive your team’s accepted behaviour.
  5. Take time to engage key decision-makers to understand where you are today before you plan for tomorrow, assess your situation well from many viewpoints.
  6. Let SMART goals become your best friend, write down goals that are realistic, measurable, convictional.
  7. Take time to think critically and identify anything that could stop you from achieving these goals.
  8. Put all goals/activities in a calendar. Things without deadlines don’t get done. Deploy these to accountable people throughout your organization. Empower others to succeed.
  9. Do your financial planning to implement these opportunities now versus later. Don’t get caught in the trap of allowing your budget to drive your strategy.
  10. Plan-Do-Check-Adjust continuously – progress is like a canoe trip, you’re constantly adjusting your course. Plan a time to do this regularly and consistently. Become adept at route cause analysis so that you can right the ship.

Strategic deployment goes beyond just planning – It ensures your plan is implemented, measure and achieved!

Remember, anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course. – John Maxwell


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