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Trillion Dollar Coach Book

The Trillion Dollar Executive Coach of Silicon Valley

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When talking with potential clients one of the most common responses is, “I don’t think I need a coach”. Perhaps you do not need a coach now … and perhaps you do but are not sure what a coach can do to help you. (more likely the case). 

If Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, Allan Mullaly and nearly every other top executive in the World have a coach. Maybe there is a correlation 🙂

Before he became an executive coach, Bill Campbell coached the football team at Columbia University but was never any good, citing “he wasn’t hard enough on players”. Bill liked his players too much, he couldn’t be mean enough. He was the VP of Marketing and board director for Apple Inc. and CEO for Claris, Intuit, and the GO Corporation. But in the history books, he will be remembered as “The Trillion Dollar Coach”. Aptly named “Trillion dollar” because of the organizations he coached, if you added up the value of the companies, it exceeds well past a Trillion dollars. 

He worked with Steve Jobs at Apple, John Donahoe at eBay, Dick Costolo at Twitter, and Eric Schmidt while he was CEO at Google. Not your typical roster of corporate executives. What he left behind when he sadly passed in 2016 was a legacy of hugging when greeting people and working with leaders from some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world. 


Eric Schmidt talking about Bill Campbell, the Trillion Dollar Coach of Silicon Valley. 

Eric Schmidt on why every company needs a coach

The Tim Ferriss Podcast where he interviews Eric about his time he spent with Bill Campbell and why Eric wrote the book Trillion Dollar Coach


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