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Is there a place in our society for sacrilegious promotion?

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I generally avoid injecting contentious opinions in my online presence however I felt I had no choice in this case.

Freedom of speech and expression are an important component of the world we experience. It promotes democracy, ideas, innovation and provides us with information that can influence our choices. Generally, it has the ability to be very positive.

With that said the recent decision by Netflix to air a film blatantly mocking and portraying Jesus Christ as a homosexual, crosses the line.

This film is extremely offensive to many faiths including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam who acknowledge Jesus as the penultimate prophet.

I am curious as to what the motivation of the producer was?  And more so why Netflix adopted this. When you know you will offend 2.4B Christians, 1.8B Muslims and many other people that respect history in general.


If it is not adding value, then it is certainly destroying value – which this film does. Have we learned nothing from the centuries of religious wars, needless death and chaos how could this type of media do anything but further divide already broken nations.

We have to learn to protect free speech while holding those who aim to hurt, offend and spread hate to task. I encourage you to sign this petition (or any other one) to Netflix as you message to them that you cannot support their decision to be involved with this type of divisive sacrilegious behaviour.


Demonstrate your courage and leadership by signing here:

Please share with others to make a bold statement to these producers and media outlets.

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