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Goal setting is about change

How To Set and Achieve Your Goals: An Interview with CBC

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It’s a new year and a new decade. There’s no better time to set some goals into your future.

Colin was interviewed on the CBC Blue Sky radio program with Garth Materie about how to set goals and achieve them. What do you want to achieve this year? You only have 348 more days – start today!

Why is goal setting important?

We should all be continually exploring what’s next. Without measuring where we’re going, it’s very difficult to achieve future milestones. Goals create that necessary structure; they create a moment in time that we can visualize and to which we can emotionally connect. They help create inspiration and motivation to keep you moving forward towards your goal.

What goals are realistic? Which are setting you up for failure?

People need to connect emotionally to the outcomes associated with goals/change. Ask yourself, “what would be different in my life, my family, my work. if I achieved this goal?” Not only focusing on yourself but connecting the outcome to other individuals in your life. Children, friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances – anyone who’s a part of your life. What effect would your achievement of the goal have on them?

Mind the Integrity Gap

Mind the “Integrity Gap!”

In other words, ask yourself, “does this goal align with who I am, my core values, my identity?” What are the actions that will allow me to achieve this goal and will they feel contrary to who you want to be?  Think this through – if the actions are at odds with your values you will experience an integrity gap and likely the stress-related disorders that come with this.

How do you get started setting goals?

Setting goals is about change. What change are you seeking? What has held you back before? What needs to change so you can sustain the path you’re on?

Identifying what you want to change is a good start. Also, having an accountability partner to ensure you’re sticking to your goals is a great asset. Several accountability partners are better to allow various perceptions of your growth. A true friend will support, push and help you achieve your goals in the way you need.

How do you encourage and support someone with a goal without nagging them?

Feed-forward, not feedback. If you choose someone as an accountability partner, they should be trusted to give you honest feedback – or, as we prefer, feed-forward. We can dwell on what we’ve done, or we can look towards the future of what is possible. There’s a big difference between looking forward versus backwards. Feed-forward is about improvement, getting better, and inching closer to your goal.

Best wishes with your changes this year and beyond!

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