Coaching is a Rough Sport – Who is your Coach?...

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ASK: In your organization, how might asking the question, “What can we do to do a better job of X?” be beneficial customer stakeholders and teams? “What can we do to do a better job of X? Read More

Four Key Concepts for Excellent Coaching Outcomes

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A client asked me the other day what my conceptual approach to executive coaching was. I must admit I had to think about this for a while. Read More

Confidence – Executive Presence – Correlation?

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You often hear me talk about executive or leadership presence – it is a topic that is exciting to me as I have seen so many folks – senior leaders, startup entrepreneurs and... Read More

Top 5 Reasons to seek an Executive Coach & Top 5 Outcomes

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If you are in the coaching profession you have probably been asked the question, “What can coaching do for me?” or “Why should I get a coach? Read More

Maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching:

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By Joy McGovern, Ph.D., Michael Lindemann, Ph.D., Monica Vergara, M.A., Stacey Murphy, Linda Barker, M.A., & Rodney Warrenfeltz, Ph.D. Read More

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