$10,000 Leadership Development Incentive (SK...

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On Aug. 1st, 2017, applications for this grant will be accepted by the Gov’t of SK. We expect funds to be depleted by Aug 7, 2017. As such if you are interested you have to apply early. The link to the grant website is here. Read More

Are You Filling Sand Bags or Saving a City?

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  The Wright brothers believed they could fly – more importantly they believed they SHOULD fly! Read More

Leadership Through Innocence & Vulnerability

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For many years in high society England, children had little access to adults (leadership), in fact they spent most of their time among nannies. Read More

Four Key Concepts for Excellent Coaching Outcomes

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A client asked me the other day what my conceptual approach to executive coaching was. I must admit I had to think about this for a while. Read More

Confidence – Executive Presence – Correlation?

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You often hear me talk about executive or leadership presence – it is a topic that is exciting to me as I have seen so many folks – senior leaders, startup entrepreneurs and... Read More

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