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Got a Vision – What’s Holding You Back?

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What is a Vision

Vision can be defined as that tension between what is and what should be – it carries a sense of conviction with it and undeniably creates an emotional stir (if in fact it is a vision). It’s the moral element that gives a vision its sense of urgency and inspires others to engage. As leaders, it is our imperatives to define and connect others to our visions.

All of us at some time or another, regardless of our leadership positions, have felt this sense of urgency to “do something” because it is the right thing to do, because we “should” do it, because it is important and will make a great difference. However, life gets in the way, finances hold us back, family circumstances do not permit, career timing is not quite right, we’re not quite ready (intellectually, spiritually). So, what do we do?

What happens to Visions

This is where visions too often turn into dreams and slip away into Neverland. Where employees become demoralized, leader’s legacies vanish, community potential becomes unrealized. What could we be doing instead – in this period of non-readiness? Well, we could be meditating on our vision, praying, reflecting, and looking. If we are not looking, we certainly will not see. We are blind – these blindspots hold us back from being amazing, from achieving our deepest moral aspirations.

What can we do with our Vision

We see what we are focused on, we miss that which we are not. Meditation, prayer and reflective thinking force us to keep looking – to keep our eye on the ball and to continuously clarify and create further awareness of our visions allowing us to perceive and comprehend more. Leaders know that keys to growth is awareness and humility achieved through intentional introspection.

What else can we do? Plan of course … this may sound crazy, especially since we have established we currently are ill equipped and under resourced to execute on our vision. Leverage the power of positive thinking – assume you had all the resources you require, all the time needed, all the leadership capacity necessary. Develop your plan to achieve your vision under these circumstances. Imagine the difference …

Young visions decease easily and understandably so, you know this from past experience … if you want to provide yours with hope and for others to realize the incredible impacts it can bring then you have to acknowledge and have faith in the value that mediation, prayer and reflection combined with positive planning can have. After all failing to plan is planning to fail. Your vision deserves better.

Develop a strategy, find one or two things you can do and get busy – keep it in the forefront. You are better to be prepared even if an opportunity does not come your way than the alternative … and remember although we can meditate on and pray for opportunities, the onus is still on us to do our part.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” – Warren Bennis

Questions for Reflection

  1. What is the vision that is compelling you now (even if it is vague at this point)?
  1. What opportunities do you need to meditate, pray and reflect on?
  1. Who are the people who could help you accomplish your vision?
  1. What would need to take place in their thinking in order for them to support your effort?
  1. What does a simple plan look like?
  1. What can you do right now?


Adopted from Andy Stanly – “Visioneering”

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