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Vision Casting – Change Someone’s Life Today – Forever

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“Treat people as if they are what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.”   Goethe

Each of us has been impacted positively or negatively, purposely or inadvertently, by a vision someone has cast for us in our life at some time. If you grasp this simple, yet powerful concept you can have massive impact on the world in which you live. It will allow you to harness your potential as a vision caster in the lives of those you influence in a more intentional and constructive manner, starting today.

When I was coming into my teens my Mom got remarried resulting in new family where I found myself with a new stepfather and stepbrother. Prior to this I had absolutely loved playing sports with schoolmates and relatively speaking I was pretty good, I was fast and was able to score lots of points. I always felt proud of my abilities in this area.

With that said we came from a very small village, there was no formal sports instruction or competitive game play – we were school age kids having fun. My stepbrother, two years my younger was a great hockey player at 10 years old (for his age of course) and I was reminded of this often or rather of how poor I was and how I would never be any good at sports because of where I grew up.

This repetitive vision casting by someone in authority (my stepfather) had a lasting impact for me. I believed him, I believed that I would never have any athletic ability and would be humiliated if I tried, just what an adolescent boy needs. I took it to heart and never participated in any sports throughout school. As an adult, I am disappointed I made this decision however understand what happened and have moved on as most of us do.

empowering-employeesThe point to be made is the position we hold in someone’s life gives amazing power and responsibility. Think back to a time when someone you looked up to cast a vision for your life. Maybe it was a coach, a teacher, boss, pastor, parent etc. Most likely either you will be, or are that person for someone or many people today. What visions have you been casting for their future? What lasting imprints are your leaving?

Vision is immensely powerful – corporations spend countless hours and dollars getting visions correct – they know that a well-crafted, meaningful visions can capture the hearts and minds of their people, can drive goals and objectives leading to customers that are loyal, targets that are repeatedly broken. Visions are powerful because they draw us as they capture our imaginations and engage our souls. We move from what could be to what should be and now the vision serves as intrinsic motivation empowering us to move is a direction we want to – not one we are told to.

Think about this, we have all had “authority” figures in our lives, and hopefully we have all experienced seed planters or positive vision casters. Which one’s influence will last for a lifetime while the other dwindles by the wayside.

Words are more powerful than the sword – we can use them for good or evil, to build or destroy. As leaders, you are certainly reflecting on how well you recognize employees and teammates for contributions – outwardly thanking them, perhaps you have even begun to think about stepping it up to acknowledgement of a peer, subordinate or spouse for “who they are”, telling them how much you appreciate what they bring to the table and how it makes life better for those around them on a daily basis.

I encourage you to take it to them next level – vision cast!(project the future based on the past) What do you see for those people in your life. “Jane – I see you making your way to the top of a great firm someday – you continue to show amazing growth in your leadership skills.” Or “John, with the skills you have demonstrated I don’t see any project you could not handle.”

NOTE for Moms and Dads

We have the most essential leadership role in this world today. We have a God-Given obligation and right to authentically connect with these beautiful young minds and Empowered Child clearly and vividly articulate visual images of what could and should be for these beautiful people. We must dispense into their curious minds and souls a vision of what is possible for their lives. As parents, aunts and uncles we see their potential far better than they can at this time.

Never tell them what they cannot do – you are their authority – they trust you, they believe you and will act on your vision casting today and into the future. They won’t necessarily let you know – they just will.

Don’t ever let a day go by without casting a positive vision for your child – it is your duty as a parent. It will make their world and ours a better place to live in.


  • What would happen if you intentionally laced your conversations with positive forecasts of what could be true for the people around you?
  • What could change in their life and in yours?


Colin McAllister is an #Executive Coach, Management Consultant and Speaker with a focus on individual and team leadership development.

Adopted from Andy Stanley – Visioneering

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