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Pursue Your Vision and Enjoy the Journey

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We often refer to the vision of an organization (or a personal vision) as “True North” or a guiding beacon. It is the “What” you realize if you maintain focus and commitment.

If that vision is inspired from a place of passion, a moral imperative, something that not only could be done, rather should be done – then when [not if] obstacles arise you will not quit your journey towards True North. You and your team will have accepted responsibility for this vision.

For those of you involved in planning you are aware that the “What” comes well before the “How” is figured out. Unfortunately, this has negative consequences; many visions die between the what and the how (especially if they do not meet the test above) or the how is rushed as impatient leaders charge forward resulting in excessive human and capital resources being expended in pursuit of the vision without effective planning and most often never reaching the destination.

As leaders, we too often try to solve the entire puzzle, forgetting we are not the team rather a player on the team. And like all other players, we are equipped with God-given strengths and talents. Assessing, acknowledging and capitalizing on these strengths will support us in the time between what and how as well as reveal aspects of the plan.

let-go-of-controlIntellectually we understand, we can’t control our external environment or anyone’s actions and behaviour’s other than our own, yet too often we try – placing ourselves in a constant state of misery and frustration.

As implementers of such important agendas we have a duty to conduct ourselves in such a way that we do all things in our “control” to realize the vision. Beyond that what more can we do …

Think of a time when you have been overwhelmed with life’s pressures – family, financial, relationships, health … what did you do?  What could you do?

There comes a point where you have to let go – you have to accept that things are not in your control and give it to something larger than you and to make peace with this – to have faith, to believe that things will work out according to plan.

Implementing a mission critical vision is not any different – the how can seem impossible at times – the economy, technology, politics, society are all misaligned. The harder you push the harder the system pushes back.

Maintain focus on True North, implement everything within your control, let the rest go, believe in the plan and your hard work – this will empower you to realize your vision and enjoy the journey.



What is your normal response in situations where you find yourself trying to control the outcome?


What would be different for you if you let go (or let go sooner)?


What would hold you back from letting go?



Adopted from “Visioneering”


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