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Leadership is a contact sport – Who’s your coach?

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Developing as a leader is a difficult endeavour. (If you’re reading this you can probably relate.) Leadership demands are increasing, meaning there is less time for focusing on change. The catch is that as more is expected of you as a leader, the less time you have for personal and team development, and yet improving your leadership skills is more important than ever.

It’s a tricky situation and you must learn quickly on the job. You have to make the most of your surroundings and ask those around you for help. As such you enlist their support as you do your best to develop yourself, your people, and your teams – even them!

It may not be easy, however, as Canada’s only Master Certified Coach in Marshall Goldsmith’s stakeholder centred leadership development model we deploy a process that is guaranteed to deliver measurable leadership growth – or it is free. It has been proven to work with thousands and thousands of people globally. The model has eight simple steps:

Ask, Listen, Think, Thank, Respond, Involve, Change, Follow Up.

Following is a video that will walk you through each step of our executive coaching process.

Book a free consult here to learn if Executive Coaching can help you transform your leadership style, your teams and your organization.

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