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$10,000 Leadership Development Incentive

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If you are interested in developing and implementing game-changing strategies that will expand your leadership capacity please contact us:

With the speed that change occurs today, business leaders must be revolutionaries and game changers or risk becoming irrelevant. This requires maximizing efficiency of their most critical assets – Leaders!

Our philosophy is that extraordinary leaders are created in the process of producing extraordinary results! This approach is unique insofar as it combines game-changing strategies with personal (individual/team) and organization transformation focused clearly on tangible results, rather than only behavioural change.

This approach is not for everyone. It is for determined leaders who push the envelope in the context of vision and teams and take bold actions to achieve their desired futures versus the middle of the road moderates comfortable with Status Quo.

We have designed an Executive Coaching program that provides leaders with the influence and velocity required to reach their goals with greater impact in a shorter time than without us. We focus on transformational, not incremental change.

Why Stakeholder Centred Coaching

It has been demonstrated with more than 11,000 leaders on 4 continents with greater than 95% success rate. More than 150 of the Fortune 500 companies use this process for their senior leaders. Many of these family businesses just like yours.

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The main challenge faced by leaders today:

  • Is NOT understanding the practice of leadership (know how)
  • BUT practicing their understanding of leadership (show how)

Stakeholder Centred Leadership Development 

  • Help leaders achieve positive and measurable change in leadership behaviour as well as their team
  • Provides a sustainable system for continuous improvement for themselves and their team

These results simply cannot be achieved by way of traditional training programs, seminars and retreats.

The Process:

The change achieved by leaders brings significant value to stakeholders such as investors and boards as well as leaders. Our highly successful approach to leadership development and coaching includes a strong emphasis on expanding leader’s thinking and execution in terms of creating amazing futures. It also focuses on the involvement of impacted stakeholders, implementation of change and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness. In the end, the only thing that counts is leadership growth i.e. leadership effectiveness on the job as perceived by stakeholders and demonstrated through results. The process is a highly effective, transparent, time efficient and works as follows:

Three Characteristics That Drive Results in Our Executive Coaching:

1. Formulation: we partner to establish an inspirational future and associated strategic and leadership roadmaps for engagement.

2. Current leadership effectiveness: we identify leadership assets and growth opportunities through interview-based 360 assessments to ensure the leader has requisite leadership capacity to achieve their desired future.

3. Launch stretch initiative: we shift from knowing and talking to doing as you focus on executing the strategic breakthrough you have designed. We achieve results as part of daily work.

4. Engage stakeholders: we involve stakeholders to capture feedforward suggestions and work with the leader to drive transformation throughout the organization.

Why Involve Stakeholders?

Systematic involvement of those who work with the leader is essential for truly effective coaching as it drives several positively reinforcing factors:

  • It enables the rapid identification of specific leadership behaviours that are most impactful.
  • Not only does the leader improve, co-workers perceive this progress, thus building the leader’s brand (executive presence) and status in the organization.
  • Co-workers buy-in to the leader’s change efforts and become supporters, creating a culture conducive to change

Top 6 Impactful Leadership Topics Addressed

  1. Consistent Execution – deliver reliably on all things
  2. Leadership Presence – authentically connect & influence
  3. Engaging for Impact – get stakeholder buy-in
  4. Adapting proactively – develop a “growth mindset”
  5. Communication Mastery – manage conflict/negotiation
  6. Decision Making – decide with speed and conviction


Variable by leadership position,  company size and the number of leaders per firm.

Discounts are offered for not-for-profits.



2 thoughts on “$10,000 Leadership Development Incentive”

  1. Question: I am a senior leader in Government do I qualify for the incentive?

    Answer: Unfortunately this incentive is only available to private sector businesses at this time.

  2. Question: Do CEOs of not for profits qualify?
    Answer: Yes, we have supported leaders from numerous Not for Profits in the past with this program.

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