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Jalisco – Alberta R&D and Commercialization Program

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Integrated Innovation

Innovation … do we need it?

  • What is innovation? — “something” that leads to the creation of economic and social value …
  • “Without innovation, companies and societies die”
    Anthony William – Coauthor Wikinomics (paraphrased)

  • Innovation is a “core business competency” today – necessary to be competitive in a global economy
  • Must be aligned to your overarching business strategy (Mission)
  • To differentiate must innovate – cant do it on price alone anymore
  • “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”
    Steve Jobs – Apple

Innovation Cycle


What is Integrated Innovation?

  • Coordinated application of science and technology – social and business innovation to develop whole solutions to complex challenges.
  • There is often risk aversion to adoption of ‘new’ technology – business and social inclusion mitigates this risk
  • A collaborative user-centric approach and balance of innovative approaches will significantly enhance adoption and sustainability

    A collaborative user-centric approach and balance of innovative approaches will significantly enhance adoption and sustainability


Technology Innovation

  • What technologies are necessary to address the problem?
  • Can an existing product be modified?
  • Is the technology feasible – market ready?
  • Is it sustainable, scalable, accessible, affordable?

Social Innovation

  • Simply, a social innovation is an idea that works for the public good – address major societal challenges
  • Social challenges are seen as innovation opportunities
  • Governments and industries see social innovation as a means to reap the potential untapped markets have to offer – enhancing their global competiveness …
  • Come from individuals, groups or organizations, and can take place in the for-profit, nonprofit and public sectors
  • Jurisdictions / Regions must be able to take solution to scale before impact can become reality…
  • MUST involve society in design – citizen centric approach to innovation

Business Innovation


Industry Model

  • move into / redefine / create new industries

Revenue Model

  • change how we generate revenue – pricing models etc.

Enterprise Model

  • change our role in the value chain – by changing our extended enterprise / networks / capability / assets

Alignment to Jalisco / Alberta Program

  • As mentioned the program has a large focus on commercialization
  • Things judges will be looking for in proponent applications for funding:
    • Project can demonstrate a validated customer need
    • includes industry collaboration from both jurisdictions
    • project identifies business and technological competitive assessments
    • project has commercialization goals and strategy
    • articulates economic benefit for Jalisco and Alberta (qualitative and quantitative)
  • An integrated innovation approach to project development will assist in responding to many of the above and will enhance probability of success

Questions / Discussions


  • The Creation of Economic and Corporate Wealth in a Dynamic Economy – IBM Global Business Services, 2008
  • Open Innovation The Next Frontier – Henry Chesbrough EIRMA SIG III, 2005-10-20
  • Bold Idea for Humanity – Grand Challenges Canada – September 2010
  • The Lisbon Council think tank for the 21st Century
  • Alberta / Jalisco R&D and Commercialization Program Plan – August 2011

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