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4 Leadership Approaches to Improve your Influence and Impact

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  1. Balance Power with Vulnerability – it’s time to show a crack in your armour so that people can see that you are in fact real. As a leader in today’s environment you need to be strong enough to depend on and vulnerable enough to relate to – a delicate balance that is critical to gaining influence and the ability to inspire and motivate your team around a common goal.
  2. Coach Don’t Command – old school positional authority and heavy hands are passe’ and incredibly damaging to organizations – if you believe you are succeeding with this leadership style – I can only imagine much greater you would be if you were able to shift to a more curious, non-judgemental approach that engages people (only 34% of employees engaged today)
  3. Adapt Without Implosion – so many organizations lack a sustainable vision and mission to drive alignment (they dismiss them are they are too “fluffy”). When change comes and it will, they are left with the tail wagging the dog resulting in chaos, disenfranchised high-performers and diminished profits. Take the time to engage your team and collectively develop a True North that will withstand the tests of time and provide a beacon for future decision making.
  4. Cultivate Emotional Security – if you feel as a leader you have all of the answers you are likely in the wrong role. It is your job to create an environment that captures the hearts and minds of all employees, including the front line. You have to create an environment where your team can fully execute their role without fear of adverse impacts to self-esteem, position or career. Fail to do this and your churn rate will be higher than your profit margins.

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