Our Team

You bring unique challenges to the table; opportunities that require external skillsets and you want to ensure that you are investing in expertise and not in training on the job.

We do not employ a large base of full-time employees providing generic business consulting services. Our services require significant expertise, specialized education, certifications and years of experience. We and are committed to high-quality deliverables and sustainable outcomes for clients. We focus on executive coaching, transformational change, strategic deployment, continuous improvement and business innovation.

Our team brings more than a century of experience to your engagements and we only accept opportunities we know we can have a sustainable impact on. This is how we can guarantee your individual and corporate growth in each engagement.

Mr. Colin McAllister – Partner Executive Coach & Management Consultant

“I partner with leaders to achieve sustainable and measurable growth &...Read More

Mr. Frank Wagner Senior Executive Coach

“Leadership is found at the intersection of Character and Commitment: what...Read More

Alison Hendren Senior Coach and Coach Trainer - Coaching out the Box (TM)

“I am passionate about what coaching can do and how it can affect every...Read More

Mr. Andrew Sloane Senior Consultant & Coach - ISO Quality Management

“I support organizations as they integrate and embrace ISO Quality Management...Read More

Mr. Ben Tse – Partner CTO - Innovative Subsidiares

“I thrive on bridging the gap between real customer business needs and...Read More

Mr. Scott Teece Sr. Program / Project Manager - Major Initiatives

“I provide leadership for improvement programs & projects so that...Read More


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