I had the opportunity to work with Colin and his team at Perspect Management Consulting. They were brought in to lead organizational change management on numerous multi-million dollar projects that were underway in 2013. The organization hadn’t engaged formally in change management in the past, and the team at Perspect was able to bring a methodology that was easily integrated into the current project work. Perspect was able to effectively coach senior management in communicating key messages to the organization and to prepare a cascading strategy, which would see front line managers work with employees through the change.

What differentiated Colin and his team was their ability to bring an enterprise approach and assist the executive with understanding the impacts of change saturation on employees as a result from the culmination of all projects. Colin was able to introduce accountability frameworks, which required people to move outside of silos and focus in on the enterprise in the context of change.

Colin and his team were flexible, professional and easy to partner with ensuring value add support and a return on investment. I would have no concerns in recommending him and his team for any coaching and change management initiative and I look forward to working with the Perspect Team in the future.

SLGA - Vice President

Colin has exceptional set of skills and a strong work ethic. His skills include a comprehensive understanding of the Health Care industry, and a very strong strategic and program management discipline. TRLabs benefited greatly from Colin’s mix of business epertise and extensive Health Care industry experience. Colin adds tremendous value on any initiative he is involved with.

Robert Tasker - CEO, TRLabs

Working with Colin has been a real creative professional experience. While Colin is a very personable individual he has a unique ability to combine that understanding and the reality of business situations. His understanding of business principles and capability are not only intuitive but also based in real world experience. Realizing the big picture while being able to get into the ditches and make things happen is a necessity today and Colin is a general who understands the soldiers perspective in the field of battle. Colin is entrepreneur without the dreamy lack of action. I have enjoyed his ability to not only see his business success but to have received his positive help and input on my businesses and career. I fully recommend Colin as a senior manager, business partner and consultant or venture entrepreneur. In fact, I recommend Colin in any venture that he decides to undertake. His education, strong experience background, constant will and work ethic makes him successful in any setting.

Thomas Faulkner - Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Polymap Wireless LLC

It has been a great pleasure to work with Colin. He is unique in his ability to understand the complexities of healthcare and the business around it. One of the few people in the private sector that understand the importance of evidence and efficacy in bringing a product to market.

Joseph Cafazzo - Lead, Centre for Global eHealth Innovation

Colin brings a rare blend of honesty and openness, persuasion skills, compassion and the ability to challenge the team that he is leading, setting personal example whenever needed. He has such an immense knowledge of his area of expertise – in this case the Health IT field – he is able to see patterns among vague and incomplete information. This ability to read a situation to the tenth decimal further enables him to propose and implement viable business models for any situation he analyzes. While working with Colin on various planning assignments I also found that he has an amazing ability to learn and adapt. He listens to your point of view and accepts it on its merits. But once he accepts he embraces it in such a way that he becomes the best proponent of your logic. I have seen fewer people as committed to their goals as Colin. He is disciplined enough to harness his energy to the task at hand and gives it due attention. He is a wonderful team leader and if an opportunity to work with him comes along I would definitely take it.

Faisal Khan - Business Development Director, Salveo

Colin is an incredibly driven and conscientious consultant of high integrity. He is able to analyze complex business and technical challenges and share them in a fashion that makes sense to the client. He has a natural ability to maintain focus on the vision and his recommendations always carry a flare of strategic insight – making sure we keep things in perspective and do not miss the big picture. In a very short time I knew I could trust Colin with the development of my new business as he quickly demonstrated himself as incredibly capable and reliable. Most importantly I see Colin as someone who never quits what he starts regardless of what other things fall in his path. He has been very open and sharing during our business relationship and as a result I have gained a greater understanding of some of the finer points of business which I have applied throughout another company I own with great success. If success matters and you are seeking value for your investment I highly recommend Colin for any project.

Mohammed Nazari - CEO and Owner, Alpha Physical Rehab

I worked with Colin on a strategic alliance between Genesys and Salveo. Colin’s grasp of health care technology and trends is second to none. He is a visionary with an entrepreneurial edge having the ability to establish collaborations to execute successfully. Colin’s unique ability to convey the business benefits of the entire solution made him indispensable to the project. I look forward to working with Colin the future.

Gustavo Garcia - Senior Manager, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc

While acting as COO for our Salveo project, Colin was very action oriented and applied his considerable knowledge of connected healthcare to directing projects in sensible directions and engaging the interest of our global customer base. I would be happy to work with Colin again on future projects, and would recommend him especially for consulting roles where you need a self-starter who can get the job done without needing anyone to hold their hand.

Jonathan Segel - Director, Strategy Development, Alcatel-Lucent

Colin is a hard worker, always focused on his targets and dedicated to the agreed enterprise objectives. Colin was leading a venture at SaskTel when we met for the first time. He grew the Venture into what became SALVEO, a challenging and exciting joint SaskTel and Alcatel-Lucent Venture, targeting eHealth thru a well-being ICT platform. I’ve been impressed by Colin’s commitment, his very professional attitude, his entrepreneurial skills and ability to lead his teams forward. He is both a high skilled technician, a leading entrepreneur, and has acquired strong skills on many eHealth related topics. I sincerely recommend Colin here.

Philippe Lasserre - CTO, Enterprise Business Group, Alcatel-Luc

Colin is a true entrepreneur, with a broad understanding of the healthcare market and a strong vision of how to craft a complex interlocking set of partnerships to quickly actualize that vision. Colin is a tough but fair negotiator, and it was a pleasure watching him juggle then orchestrate the various companies involved in bringing a truly innovative patient monitoring solution to market. I trust he will play a major role in whatever initiative he next undertakes.

Pierre Landau - President, Polymap Wireless


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