Stakeholder Centred Leadership Development

Develop Real Leadership Skills for Real-World Success

Introducing the Stakeholder Centered Leadership Development Program (SCL)

Executive and Business coaching programs are only as impactful as the results you get from them. With Perspect’s Leadership Development Program, our average return on investment is 39x the initial investment, which means we can guarantee your leadership growth without wasting a minute of your valuable time.


Perspect Stakeholder Centred Coaching & Leadership Development
Executive Coaching ROI – Perspect Stakeholder Centred Leadership

Is Leadership Development Right For You?

The short answer is “Yes!”. We believe that if you can identify with any of the following statements, then this course is perfect for you:

  • You’re in a successful executive leadership role, but you haven’t achieved your ultimate purpose and vision yet. Now, you want to make that leap from successful to significant.
  • You have been identified as a high potential leader and realized that you have the opportunity to grow.
  • You’ve been extremely successful because of your work ethic, drive, and intellectual prowess, but you haven’t been able to shift from doing the work to leading the work.
  • You have taken your business from a mere concept to a successful, thriving entity. However, you realize that you need to implement new skills and behaviours to take the business to the next level.


Efficiency in Every Step
Our Leadership Development program will provide you with engaging and practical real-world learning that you can immediately start implementing in your workplace. We’ll empower you with sustainable leadership skills that will not only allow you to make growth a daily habit but enhance your happiness and satisfaction in your personal and professional life too.

How We Drive Results in Our Leadership Development Programs

As experienced CEO coaching experts, we know that there are three characteristics that help us guarantee results with our SCC Leadership Development Program.

1. Your Leadership Effectiveness at A GlanceWe’ll give you an in-depth insight into the areas of your leadership effectiveness that you can improve on. Our team conducts 360-degree assessments and behavioural interviews with key stakeholders in your workplace and helps you identify and apply the critical behaviours for success as a senior leader.
2. Individual and Authentic Leadership GrowthDo you have your own approach to leadership? Our dedicated program for CXXs, High potentials and owners will help you identify and articulate what you (and your team) want to work towards, and how you can achieve it without compromising your unique skills and strengths as a leader.
3. A Roadmap to SuccessPerspect gives you an actionable way to bridge the gap between what you’re doing, and what you need to do to achieve your leadership goals. We’ll help you strategize and implement new ways to drive sustainable change in your daily work.

What This Leadership Development Program Will Do for You

Here’s what you can expect to achieve with the help of our dedicated leadership development experts. We’ll teach you how to:

  • Shift from managing to empowering and becoming a highly trusted leader
  • Focus on aligning your team with an inspirational vision instead of simply completing tasks
  • Get greater insight into, and clarity on, your leadership brand and how this supports the business’s purpose and vision
  • Influence your internal and external environment with authenticity and sustainability
  • Improve your communication, listening and conflict management skills
  • Cultivate and maintain deeper and more rewarding professional and personal relationships
  • Experience deeper respect and greater appreciation as a leader daily
  • Balance your personal and professional life
  • Achieve a true sense of peace and contentment as a leader

What This Leadership Development Program Will Do for Your Business

Honing your skills as a leader and involving stakeholders will have a tangible effect on your team and organization. Here are some of the changes you can expect in your business after completing our course:

  • Improved and more effective communication
  • A stronger sense of teamwork
  • Better business priority alignment and daily vision
  • Efficient decision-making
  • Improved and streamlined processes
  • Enhanced vertical and horizontal trust
  • Culture by design
  • Higher satisfaction, alignment, and engagement for employees
  • Revenue growth


The Driving Forces Behind the Stakeholder Centred Leadership Development Program

Our team of CEO coaching experts base our business coaching services on a set of key concepts that we incorporate into everything we do. These are:

1. Helping Extraordinary Leaders Produce Extraordinary Results
As coaches and trainers, we know that it’s our responsibility to empower you with the courage and skill you need to not only expand your capacity as a leader but also to declare and work towards the future that you want for yourself.
2. Emphasizing the Purpose Behind Behavior
We need to establish exactly “why” you need our business coaching services before you can start planning towards your mission. Our goal is to help you align your behaviour with your vision. Changing your leadership behaviour is a tangible and measurable way to measure your progress as a leader. Continuously improving specific areas (that are aligned with your purpose) goes hand-in-hand with financial benefits for your organization.
3. A Guiding Touch, Unshakeable Values, and Sustainable Change
Instead of doing the work for you, we give you the support and insight you need to achieve your goals yourself. We’ll conduct assessments, help you determine leadership growth focus areas, and set effective goals. We’ll help you bridge the integrity gap that happens when the actions you take to achieve your goals don’t align with your system of beliefs and values.
4. The “Show-How” to Achieve Your Goals
We know that you already have the knowledge to achieve your goals. Our goal as a CEO and business coaching service provider is to support your knowledge and unique “show-how” so you can create a culture of learning in your team and organization.
5. Feedforward for The Future
Instead of spending valuable time looking back at what you should have done differently, we want to empower you with the ability to look forward instead. You’ll ask your stakeholders to provide you with “feedforward,” instead of feedback, so that you can identify how you can change your behaviours or actions to positively impact your goals in the future.
6. We Become What We Believe
Our thoughts, values, and beliefs shape the way we present ourselves and how we are perceived by the people around us. We make our values and beliefs the cornerstone of what we do as leaders. In changing your behaviour, you change the way your clients and partners perceive you, which ultimately determines your influence.

Reach Out to Us and Grow into Your Own as an Influential, Authentic Leader

Our leadership development program is supported by most federal-provincial training grants. Call us today to find out how we can help you.


Fees / Tuition

• $20,000 per Leader – includes tuition and materials
• Discounts available for Not for Profits, Small Business and Groups > 5

Training Dates

Training dates are negotiated with each client to suit their business needs, and as per the availability. All training is completed within 12 months.


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