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We understand that for you to be competitive in local, national and global markets, you need to infuse more innovation into your products and services. You need to transform quickly and cost effectively.

As leaders, you likely expect technology to be the main enabler of innovation. You are not alone; most CEOs are looking to use technology to gain both efficiencies and differentiation simultaneously. However, the best technology cannot deliver success without focus on business strategy and outcomes. It is imperative to have a clear vision of where the company is headed, as this will define and set the context role innovation will play in enabling profitable growth, help determine the type of innovation you want to drive and establish how to organize effective change.

We collaborate with you to develop growth strategies, enhance innovation capabilities and innovate solutions that improve the world.

Innovation can present itself in various forms, whether in a technology change that determines the products and services you deliver, in a business model change that defines the value you deliver or even in a unique organizational structure that creates resource efficiencies. Innovations can be incremental, breakthrough or radical.

We can work with you to create a culture of continuous innovation and establish appropriate processes that integrate innovation in the way your leaders and employees conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

Our experience has been that often the above needs are in conflict, as focusing resources on today’s business distracts from exploring and developing new opportunities. When this

happens, it can beneficial to have an outside partner to assist in cultivating an unbiased and objective mindset in identifying future opportunities.

We can work with your team to analyze the situation or opportunity and provide our perspective on how to move forward to achieve desired objectives. We use both analytical tools and collaborative techniques to reveal how your current or future state operations may look. Our methods include business model prototyping, data visualization and integrated innovation strategy.

(For a brief presentation on Integrated Innovation by Perspect, see

Integrated innovation is the coordinated application of scientific/technological, social and business innovation to develop specific solutions to complex challenges. This approach does not discount the singular benefits of each of these types of innovation alone, but rather highlights the powerful synergies realized by aligning all three.

We assist you in bridging technology, business and social innovation to maximize your ROI.

We have had the great fortune to assist clients bring new products and services to market in the agriculture, transportation, healthcare, telecommunication, information technology, buildings infrastructure, aerospace, oil and gas, retail and engineering markets.

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