Organizational Design

At Perspect, we understand the significance of having an effective organizational design that aligns with your strategic intentions. Organizational design is not just about tinkering with “lines and boxes.” It encompasses the integration of structure, processes, and people to support the successful implementation of your strategy and achieve your business goals.

Our Organizational Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy revolves around three key levers: strategy, talent, and organization. We believe that an organization should provide an environment that allows individuals to contribute their unique talents toward a shared purpose. Instead of designing around people, we focus on fixing the structure last, ensuring that it complements the capabilities needed to thrive in the market.

Creating Market Value

To create superior market value, we assess your organizational capabilities, including leadership, talent, and speed. These intangible strengths represent the ways people and resources come together to accomplish work, forming the identity and personality of your organization. By capitalizing on each individual’s competencies, organizational capabilities emerge, distinguishing you from competitors and driving your most effective structure.

Our approach to organizational design involves a comprehensive project plan and a rigorous assessment of your internal functions. We align your business model and value proposition to the new strategy, ensuring clarity and alignment in your goals. Using best-in-class structures, we conduct an audit of your organizational assets, including structure, internal capabilities, systems, processes, networks, and relationships.

Key Objectives for an Organizational Design Engagement

  • Ensuring the most efficient and effective delivery of services to customers through the design and implementation of aligned strategic capabilities
  • Aligning key aspects of the organization’s design (i.e. organizational structure; succession planning, talent development, progression and compensation, decision-making processes, etc.) to ensure that they are able to achieve the long-term strategy
  • Reduce operating costs, while ensuring appropriate staffing, resources and structure to support the delivery of all services and service levels
  • Enable stronger financial management, analysis, and decisions
  • Support stronger marketing, including research, branding, sales etc.
  • Create enhanced credibility and image among stakeholders
  • Achieve a culture that supports the organizational values and purpose
  • Empower and position decision-makers and staff to achieve strategic goals

Our Approach to Organizational Design

At Perspect, we aim to identify which capabilities will have the greatest impact and will be easiest to implement and will prioritize accordingly. We design organizational structures that empower people and enable effective decision-making. We prioritize your crucial organizational capabilities, ensuring that your organization is equipped to succeed. We believe that a strong organizational design not only drives operational efficiency but also fosters a culture that aligns with your values and purpose.


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