Stakeholder Centred Coaching (SCC)

Stakeholder Centred Coaching – the key to unlocking transformational leadership.

Welcome to our Stakeholder Centred Coaching program, a unique journey designed to unlock transformative leadership and cultural change in your organization. By engaging stakeholders at all levels, this approach enables a ripple effect of leadership growth. Experience the transformative power of showcasing desired leadership behaviours, and let’s start this impactful journey together.


Stakeholder Centered Coaching (SCC) is a practice that is based upon the principles and practices of Marshall Goldsmith, a world authority in helping successful leaders get even better by achieving positive, lasting change in behaviour for themselves, their people and their teams.

The Impactful Ripple Effect of Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is much more than just individual development; it is about creating a domino effect. By involving a broader audience in the coaching process, we not only facilitate individual growth but also contribute to the overall organizational culture transformation.

Accelerating Cultural Transformation

The power of Stakeholder Centered Coaching lies in its potential to rapidly accelerate cultural change in organizations. As leaders develop and demonstrate new skills, the wider organization gets a firsthand view of the changes in leadership behaviour, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

Stakeholder-Centered Coaching: A Leadership Showcase

Stakeholder Centered Coaching promotes leaders’ transparency and vulnerability, inspiring others in the organization. When leaders actively seek feedback from their teams, it demonstrates humility and commitment to growth, setting an example for the entire organization.

Guaranteed Success

Our confidence in the Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach is so high that we offer a guarantee: if we don’t deliver success as predetermined between the coach and client at the beginning of the engagement, we don’t invoice. This success is measured by the stakeholders who witness the change, ensuring a fair and objective evaluation.

Blueprint for Success

Stakeholder Centered Coaching offers a comprehensive plan for achieving your leadership goals. By incorporating actionable strategies and feedback from stakeholders, we help create a path toward sustainable change in your daily work and leadership style.

The Transformational Impact of Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching drives transformation at both personal and organizational levels. From improving communication skills to fostering deeper professional relationships and balancing personal and professional life, SCC facilitates a comprehensive leadership metamorphosis.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching: The Catalyst for Organizational Change

By involving your team in your leadership journey, Stakeholder Centered Coaching can bring about positive change throughout your organization. Enhanced communication, teamwork, decision-making, and trust are just a few benefits of this approach, contributing to overall business growth.

Key Principles

We base our Stakeholder Centered Coaching services on key principles like purpose-driven behaviour, sustainable change, unique leadership “show-how,” forward-looking approach, and belief-driven transformation. These principles guide our program and ensure a comprehensive and successful leadership journey.

Embrace the Power of Stakeholder Centred Coaching Today

Ready to unlock your potential and transform your leadership style? Invest in your leadership capabilities and see the profound impact it can have on your leadership skills, team performance, and organizational culture. Don’t just lead – lead with influence and executive presence. Start your journey today with our Stakeholder Centred Coaching program. Contact us now and let’s set the stage for your transformative journey!

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