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Regardless of the challenge, executive coaching is about bringing more depth and focus. Often we find that successful leaders simply need a confidential space and a thinking partner to engage in honest and open dialogue about complex issues.

The philosophy that Perspect has developed and employs when engaging coaching clients is that – coaching is about connecting with motivated individuals at a deep personal level to uncover their genuine aspirations; humbly and sincerely admiring and acknowledging them for their greatness; understanding their holdbacks with empathy; and boldly holding them capable to translate their vision to reality through action by understanding who they need to be and what they need to do.

Whether you’re a senior executive, a board member or a leader in transition, when we work together you’ll receive support and motivation to move forward. We use a laser-like focus to evaluate your current performance, set realistic goals, and start implementing a plan to achieve tangible results.

Top athletes employ coaches to help them achieve peak performance. As executive coaches, we are skilled in observing performance and providing thorough and sincere feedback to help you set – and achieve – goals that push you to be your very best.

The top 10 challenges we see senior leaders bring to the table are:

  1. My people don’t do what I need them to do.
  2. Our team is not working well together.
  3. We have a strategic plan, but it isn’t being implemented.
  4. We need more collaboration across units.
  5. I have a performance problem with a member of my team.
  6. The culture here needs to change.
  7. I am burning out in my job and feel overwhelmed.
  8. I am taking on a new role and want to be sure that I succeed.
  9. I need to communicate with more impact.
  10. I need to figure out what’s next for my career, and how to get there.

Regardless of the challenge, coaching is about bringing more depth and focus. Often we find that people simply need a thinking partner to engage in confidential, honest dialogue about complex issues. We will help you bring clarity to your goals and develop a plan of action to achieve them.

An International Coach Federation study outlines the benefits of receiving coaching:

  • 96% of coaching clients said they would repeat the experience
  • 70% of clients saw an increase in work performance
  • 80% noticed a positive change in self-esteem as a result of working with a coach

Typical coaching return on investment is between 600% and 800% (ICF Global Study)

We understand that entering into a coaching relationship can be intimidating, overwhelming, a source of anxiety, and it can also be the start of a rejuvenated career and personal life in which you feel challenged, fulfilled, and satisfied. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is never easy, but knowing what to expect and what you will ultimately gain from the coaching process, can relieve your worries and you begin on secure, positive footing.

If you are interested in learning more about Executive Coaching, we invite you to book a free coaching conversation with us.

Contact us at info@perspect.ca.

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Perspect Executive Coaches Provide Leaders With A Confidential Space To Engage In Honest, Open Dialogue On Complex Issues That Obstruct Individual & Organizational Growth.

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