Transformational Change

We work with you to define success in the context of major (relative to your business) change programs and to implement these in a way that takes you, your team and your organization to the next level in a sustainable fashion over time.

Our experience in executive coaching, change management, continuous improvement and executive leadership help us support you in shaping successful transformation engagements that redefine cultures that enable you to realize your version of success.

We will work with you to ensure you are able to:

Enhance the organization’s ability to align, implement and redress itself in such a way that puts itself ahead of the competition. We will work with you to assess the current state of your organization in the context of “readiness” for change and “saturation” with current initiatives as well as behavioural and mindset needs to be addressed. We do this from an enterprise and functional perspective.

We will work with you to gain a clear understating of the following in a measurable way:

  1. What does success look like to us?
  2. What is our real current state … egos aside?
  3. What has to change now … what will we do?
  4. What path will we take to succeed?
  5. What are we going to do to ensure sustainability?

Address the elephant in the room – Culture

Realising sustained growth requires that organizations move beyond structures, processes, and systems to address individual and team behavior—including culture, mind-sets and capabilities, and team and group dynamics. As a key aspect of creating transformational change, we work with clients to support a shift in mind-set and to grow leaders to ensure guaranteed and measurable change as indicated by stakeholders.

We also support client in Organizational Change Management on smaller initiatives by helping your business and your people adjust to and adopt change. We use (in part) Prosci ADKAR Change Management methodology for implementing and sustaining change within an organization. ADKAR is a goal-oriented change management model that allows change management teams to focus their activities on specific business results. The ADKAR focuses on five key goals:

Awareness of the need to change
Desire to participate and support the change
Knowledge of how to change and what the change looks like
Ability to implement the change on a day-to-day basis
Reinforcement to keep the change in place

Perspect further delivers a comprehensive organizational change management approach by providing Portfolio Change Management (PCM) and Enterprise Change Management (ECM).

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